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I have considered myself an adaptable person for a long time. I accredit most of that to my career and quickly adapt to my clients’ needs. Parenting has also taught me to adapt. How many new parents think or feel things will be specific, and your child has other plans?

A few weeks ago, I quickly learned that while I thought I easily adapt to life changes— I do not.

Sunday at noon is one of my favorite yoga classes with one of my favorite yogis. Unfortunately, I do not often get to this class due to baseball. So when I can, I take full advantage of it.

A few Sundays ago, I get to the parking lot to see only two other cars there. I quickly realized it was another yogi subbing. I thought of leaving. How could one person ( whom I do not know) make me want to flee a situation I love? Halfway thru the class, I realized it was fear. Fear of what type of yogi he will be. Will he be too intense? Will he be judgmental ( seriously, Mel, this is yoga)? Will he be boring? Fear of failing. ( geez, Mel, seriously ). Then we get into crow. I am determined to hold this. To all my fellow yogis who can hold this pose for more than 5 seconds, I ENVY YOU! My attempt into crow was flawless; however, my dismount was less than flawless. During my failed dismount, he said, “that was beautiful. “ I looked up in disbelief. Beautiful, I said. He responded,” yes, you caught yourself from falling; you got up and knew how to maneuver out of it. Give yourself space to learn”.

After class, I started thinking about how often we do not give ourselves space and grace to learn and grow with changes. How changes in our daily lives can cause so much disruption, but how much of that disruption is us unwilling to accept changes, reluctant to fall, or almost fall?

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