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"Fall back into yourself"

Who am I? I know my titles and what people call me, but who am I?

I encourage people to find who they are once their titles are gone; however, that can be a daunting experience. What ideas are we tethered to? What generational trauma do you hold on to but want to rid yourself of them?

Do we ever really know who we are? I know what I like - but does that define me? I know what I don't like - but does that define me? Have you sat with yourself and asked what do I want? Probably not, and that's fine. But can you sit with yourself and ask, who am I ( who was I)? You know the person who is always there ( like your shadow). Fall back into the good parts of you, your favorite parts, the parts that don't see enough light but should. Fall back into the scary parts of you who need more love and attention. Can you look back at your mistakes with more loving eyes, a more gentle touch, and realize you did that at that time because it was all you knew?

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