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Momma, Mommy, Mom

Momma to Mommy to Mom.  

This is the stuff no one prepares you for.  Yeah, there are books but no one prepares you for the emotional roller coaster of this transition.  The question ” didn't I just give birth to you?” seems to be said a lot lately. Years ago my children loved when I would put their cute little sayings or adventures on social media.  Now?!? There's a pure and total embarrassment in the thought of it.  For those who know me my children are affectionately called The Boy and The Girl - and yes I call them that to their faces- even our cat is called The Cat.   I'm actually have no idea where this all started . I'm tempted to say The Simpsons (have I dated myself yet?) It seems like everyday I come home and I'm learning new ways to cope as a mother. Trust me no amount of training can prepare you for tween attitude, bullying, or the question of where do babies really come from, mom?  Why am I writing this tonight, simple actually.  Recently I have been getting more and more requests from clients to be seen on the weekends.  And my answer is always the same - no.   There is approximately 1,875 Saturday's and Sunday’s in the life of a child's childhood.  I will be that mom at every game, every parade, every play, every everything.  My running joke- although I'm serious about this, is the one day I'm stuck in parkway traffic will be The Boy’s first grand slam. And I cannot be the therapist you need me to be if I am missing anything surrounding my children being children.  So I want everyone to understand me saying no to working with you during those times is because I cannot be the therapist you deserve, the therapist who is going to be 100% in the room with you at that moment, I will not be the therapist I know I am, and not because I don't want to get up on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Trust me- we're up!  

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