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Who am I?

In one of my last blogs, I wrote about the positive impacts of COVID. I, along with all of you, am going along this journey with you. I feel like we live in a world that will eventually be labeled as Pre Covid and Post COVID. For anyone who is old enough to remember 911 in detail, you will remember a Pre 911 and Post 911. You can still hear it on the news today “Post 911”.

Trust me, I do not want all my posts to be about COVID, but let us face it... it is the world we live in now. One of my favorite sayings is “Evolve or Repeat.” Life is about evolving. Those of us who do not evolve in life become “stuck.” Those of us who evolve will eventually become unstuck in the situation(s) in which we live.

Let’s discuss cognitive dissonance for a second. Cognitive dissonance is defined as “a term for the state of discomfort felt when two or more modes of thought contradict each other.” For some, I may be reaching on this concept - but please hear ( or instead) read me out. Who were you on February 20, 2020? Who are you now, February 20, 2021? Are you holding onto someone who you no longer are? Can you honestly tell me that you were the same person one year ago? One year ago, if you said to me that the majority of my sessions would be phone or video, I would have laughed at you. But I needed to evolve as a therapist to accommodate the needs of my clients. Do not get me wrong, I'm not too fond of telehealth therapy ( maybe that is another post topic), but I had to explore my anxieties around it and grow to accommodate my profession’s needs.

Are you holding on to life from one year ago? Are you “stuck” trying to figure out where your voice is now? Many of my clients discuss having more work demands since they are working from home. Are you struggling to put your needs overwork? Do you feel expected to continue at the pace you worked last year - while you have everyone in your house home? If you find it causing anxiety - consider some ways you can evolve.

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