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What is your bullshit?

What's your bullshit? The other day someone said to me, "owning your bullshit." I thought the phrase was ingenious. We all have that part of our personality that probably isn't the best, but we know it, and we do not want to change it because, ultimately, it works for us. It is that part of you that your friends and family know well and ignore because they have seen it a million times. But when does that bullshit become counterproductive?

Before writing this blog, I took a look at what my bullshit is. And it is effortless to pinpoint. My friends would say they love when she comes out. Some have even gone as far as to say that she is their favorite person. But is there a point when it goes too far, absolutely? When we engage in these behaviors, we probably have been both positively and negatively reinforced. Because of that, we have learned that this behavior has worked for us, we get results. Now do not mistake the word result as only positive. It can also be a negative.

I encourage everyone to look deep into themselves to find what their bullshit is. How is it working for you? How do those around you react when you go into that place? Does it cause rifts in relationships? Does it help relationships? Are you mindful that you have gone into that place? My line is " I am owning this right now". So....are you owning your bullshit?

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